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Sweet Tooth - Triple Stack

Sweet Tooth - Triple Stack

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Dive into the spirit of Purim with our exquisite Shalach Manot, meticulously crafted for moments of joy and sharing. This splendid assortment is beautifully presented in three tiered boxes, each layer revealing a treasure trove of confectionary delights.

  • Bottom Box: Begin your Purim feast with a selection of traditional Hamantash, each piece a soft, triangular pastry with a variety of sweet fillings, offering a taste of Purim's timeless charm.

  • Middle Box: Elevate the celebration with our Prurim Chocolate Miniatures. These bite-sized jewels are made from the finest Belgian chocolate, providing a rich and indulgent experience that perfectly complements the festive mood.

  • Top Box: The pinnacle of this collection features an irresistible mix of Gumie bears, sour lips for a tangy twist, and wonder licorice. Each bite is a blend of textures and flavors, designed to delight and surprise.

Celebrate the joyous occasion of Purim with this lavish Shalach Manot, perfect for sharing with loved ones and creating memorable moments together

Hamentash Flavors: 

Halva Heaven
 - Halva - white chocolate with white Drizzle 
Pistachio Paradise -  Pistachio - dark belgian chocolate with crushed peanuts 
Lotus Lure lotus - Dark Belgian with caramel colored drizzle 
Salted Euphoria - Salted Caramel - Dark belgian with white Nonpareils
Hazelnut Harmony - Nutella Chocolate - dark Belgian with White Drizzle  
Poppy Noir - Poppy Seed - Dark belgian with Dark Drizzle 
Each box is an 8.25" triangle and is 2" high.
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