Answers to all your sweet questions


What are your store hours?

We're open Sunday through Friday, with the following hours: Sunday 11-5, Monday through Thursday 10-6, and Friday closing two hours before Shabbat. If you'd like to visit us on a Friday, we recommend giving us a call to confirm our closing time.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions? Are you Kosher?

Absolutely! As a health-conscious company, most of our chocolates are dairy-free. We also have a variety of vegan options, with the exception of a few items that contain eggs (like caramel products). Please note that as a nut store, we can't guarantee that there isn't any cross-contamination.

 Additionally, we are proud to be certified by the CRC of Chicago and offer the highest quality, kosher products. All offerings are Pareve or Cholov Yisroel, Pas Yisroel, and Yoshon.

Do you offer local delivery?

Yes, we offer free delivery to zip codes 60645, 60659, 60076, 60091, 60077, 60712, 60202 and 60203.

For all other zip codes within 5 miles, delivery is $9.99.

Deliveries to the city are up to $35.

Is it possible to place an order online or do I have to visit the store in person?

You can do either! You can place an order online through our website, or you're welcome to visit us in person to place an order.

What shipping options do you offer?

We use UPS to ship to all 50 states, as they've proven to be a reliable service for us. Unfortunately, we don't offer international shipping at this time.

How long does chocolate last?

Chocolate is best stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources, and also away from strong odors as it can absorb those smells. Properly stored, unopened chocolate can last several months to a year or more.

How long do caramel apples last?

When stored in the refrigerator, caramel apples typically last about 3 weeks. If left at room temperature, they won't last as long.

Do you do corporate gifting?

Yes, we do! Corporate gifting is actually one of our specialties. We offer a range of options including chocolate trays and custom-designed chocolates, and we're happy to deliver smiles to corporate clients all across the country.

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