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Personalize your gifting with our custom options. Elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression with our personalized Belgian chocolate business cards, meticulously crafted chocolate models, and personally curated assortments. With our capacity for custom projects, your gifts can become a true reflection of your company.

  • Belgian chocolate business Cards
  • Chocolate models
  • Personalized assortments
  • Event catering

Corporate Gifting

Nut & Candy’s corporate collection brings together the iconic tastes of some of our most popular treats with the premium presentation of our magnetic boxes. Our luxury gifts feature our refreshing peppermint patties, rich English Toffee, and assorted truffles with a customized chocolate business card. All gifting options are made with 100% Belgian chocolate, ensuring the best tasting experience for all your clientele, colleagues, and business partners.




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 At Nut & Candy, we are committed to the art of chocolatiering, ensuring that every confection we create is a testament to the highest standards of quality. We are here to provide you with a wide variety of delicious and premium sweets that cater to all dietary needs and restrictions. From freshly roasted nuts to smooth chocolate confections, we've got your sweet-tooth cravings covered.