Spreading the Sweetness Around

Life at Illinois Nut and Candy is sweet. Every day we’re surrounded by candy, ice cream and other delectables. But we don’t keep it all for ourselves. We actively participate in our community, offering sweet incentives for the public good.
The Life Source blood drive is one of our active pursuits. For every pint of blood given, donators receive a coupon for one cone of our fantastic kosher soft-serve ice cream. People are turning out in great numbers to donate; to give something of themselves in lieu of money. During the January blood drive, 40 people came in. Now, in the month of June, 25 people have visited our store to get a free cone. It’s been a great benefit to us, the public and Life Source.
We’re also big advocates of literacy. Our schedules can be nutty at times, but reading is a priority for our family and I find time to finish at least one book a week. We’re grateful to those who instilled the love of reading in us and are giving back in kind. Currently, we’re involved with the Skokie Public Library summer book club. We also participate in the reading program at the Arie Crown Jewish Day School . Reading is such an enjoyable activity on its own, but we figure that it couldn’t hurt to sweeten the deal with free ice cream.
These are only a few of the ways we give back to our community. We’re approached at least six or seven times a week for a donation and we happily give what we can. Over the years, you all have done so much for us as customers. Spreading the sweetness around is the least we can do to express our gratitude.
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