All Candy Expo 2009 Recap

Today was the first day of the ALL CANDY EXPO in Chicago. We were in a room (about the size of 10 football fields) with over 450 candy and snack companies who were showcasing their more than 2,000 new products.

This year was extremely interesting, given the state of our economy. Because a lot of buyers are cutting back, the vendors were much more customer oriented. They were actually asking questions and listening to our needs. This type of attention was great for us because all of our candy at the store is certified Kosher. There were also a lot more candies and snacks at the show that were either gluten-free, organic, or sugar-free. Candy makers are definitely paying more attention to the needs of our customer, which is awesome!

We really liked the Mega Jaw Breakers featured at the show this year, they so big, colorful and super fun, perfect for the kids who come into our store looking for something bigger and more outrageous.

Another great product we found were Kosher Jumbo Lollipops available in a variety of flavors including Bubblegum, Rootbeer, Strawberry, Tropical Punch and more! Since we are the largest Kosher candy store in the Midwest, we are always looking for cool products for our loyal customers.

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