The Sweetest Place on Earth

Quite often when I meet people I introduce myself as the candyman. Yes, I have a sweet job. How many people can say that? I wake up every morning and wonder what piece of candy or chocolate I will have for breakfast.

Life in a candy store is never the same two days in a row. The not-so-average day includes: a new shipment of candy, meeting new people, a smiling face when eating an ice cream cone, an order that may be for gift basketweddinggraduationbaby or the unfortunate condolence platter. The candy store is part of life-cycle events. Some happy, some sad and I get to be there for all of them.

The staff is a lot of fun too. I work with some great people who really know how to keep things upbeat when it gets a little nutty. We have a gumball machine that plays this song every time you put a quarter in. One of my staff started to dance to the music. One thing led to another and the Dancing Ice Cream Cone came to be. Please watch the video on YouTube if you want a good laugh.

We also want you to come in to the store and do your best impression of the Dancing Ice Cream Cone. Why? Because you will get a free ice cream cone if you are the first person of the day to show us your own dance. If you let us put you on YouTube, you can take home a free pint of your choice of ice cream.a

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