The Right Fit: Finding Sweets for Dietary Restrictions

Problem solving is a big part of owning a business. Everyday, I have to make important decisions whether it’s about a late shipment or an employee who has called in sick. I enjoy the challenges, but the problems I like solving best are the ones that improve people’s lives. At least once a week, I get an e-mail, phone call or drop-in from a customer who cannot enjoy candy the way they used to because of dietary restrictions. I’m not a doctor, but I can help bring sweetness back.

Just this week, I was contacted by a woman in Chicago who was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. We have a huge selection of gluten-free candy that I would usually recommend. However, her condition existed long before she was diagnosed. Her digestive system wasn’t absorbing nutrients like it should because the disease damages the villi of the small intenstine, so she has a whole host of other health problems that prevent her from currently eating dairy products. Her conundrum? She loves chocolate; practically lives on it. Thankfully, a lot of our gluten-free chocolate is also lactose-free or pareve. After a couple message exchanges, we found different chocolate varieties to suit her cravings. She was incredibly happy to be able to indulge in her favorite sweet without making herself sick. Apparently, it had been nearly a year since she last ate any chocolate at all.

In my mind, an entire year without any candy is like a day without sunshine. I was glad to help make her future a little sweeter.

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