The Kid in Us All

Summer is officially here. Remember summer during your childhood? Waking up late, playing all day, coming home long after dusk – endless stretches of nothing to do except be a kid. You probably also remember summer for the food: grilled hamburgers, fresh corn and, most important, ice cream. There is just something about ice cream and candy that brings out the kid in us all.

When I was little, I was always the messy one; the one with a bright blue smile from eating popsicles, the one with melted chocolate ice cream down the front of his shirt. Every day, my friends and I rode bikes around the neighborhood until returning home exhausted and sticky from our adventures. The stains made my mother nutty, so I would sometimes help her out in advance by diving through a neighbor’s lawn sprinkler. Such is a boy’s life though.

Family trips to the movies are another part of childhood summers that I fondly remember. Movies were a really special occasion. The theater was cool and dark. The kids were mostly excited though because we always got treats. Each of us would get his or her own box of candy, but we would always end up sharing. The house lights would dim and we would quietly munch our way through Hollywood’s latest.

A French author wrote about having strong memories jogged by food. Marcel Proust was eating cake one afternoon when he suddenly remembered in vivid detail the comforts of his mother. I think he was on to something with that. Stop over to the shop or visit our on-line siteIllinois Nut and Candy is sure to have something that brings back the feelings of childhood.

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