Personalized Just for You

One of the things we do here at Illinois Nut and Candy is personalize confections. We have a great selection of seasonal and special occasion candy already in stock, but we’re happy to go a step further and tailor our products to our customers’ wishes.

Recently, a woman came in with a rush order for a wedding that will be held at the end of August. With less than a month, she was in a pinch to arrange the table candy and even more pressed to make everyone happy. On the one side, the bride, her daughter, loves English toffee, but hates nuts. Our toffee is usually coated with a generous layer of pecans. I was able to work with this though. I suggested replacing the nuts with white chocolate striping to match the wedding’s colors, yellow and white. Thankfully, she thought it was a great idea. On the other side, she hates the taste of peppermint, but likes the idea of our personalized peppermint patties. These are a big hit – one of our most popular special occasion items – because we hand-customize them with whatever name, phrase or commemorative date you may wish. The mother-of-the-bride wanted something that could be monogrammed in the same font style as the invitations, just without the peppermint. What we ended up doing was something like one of our chocolate lollis, only without a stick and with the monogram piped onto it.

In the end, the mother-of-the-bride was thrilled. With a little bit of consulting from us, she now has everything she needs for the table candy; their favorite types of candy with the special, personalized touches that pull a wedding reception together. And the best part? They will get there on time.

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