I meet the most interesting people…

I’ve met some die-hard fans of chocolate working as the Candy Man. Everyone loves sweets, but chocolate lovers are really committed to their favorite treat. Whether it’s dark, milk whiteor sugar-free chocolate, they enjoy it all. For some, it’s the 5th food group.

I bring chocolate with me whenever I go out on sales calls. It’s a nice thank-you gift for giving me some of their valuable time. On one of these sales calls, I met with a catering director and her student intern to talk about some ideas for an upcoming event. The two started to devour the sample, but the intern had an unusual predicament. When she bit into it, a piece of chocolate fell down her blouse. I saw what happened, but her boss didn’t. She had no idea why her intern was so wiggly and jumpy all of the sudden. The intern probably wanted to appear professional and didn’t excuse herself to take care of the situation. Instead, she sat through the entire conversation with chocolate melting in her shirt.

Another time, I brought our chocolate to a group of four business partners, all women, who were interested in buying candy from us. Do you remember the deli scene in “When Harry Met Sally”? Let’s just say that three of them reminded me of it. The fourth? “It’s just chocolate,” she said.

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