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Shiva Platters and Shiva Trays

Following the funeral of parents, sibling, spouse, or child the surviving relative(s) of the deceased “sit shiva” (Hebrew for “seven”) for the next seven days in Orthodox Jewish homes or less depending on the level of the families observance. It is traditional for the mourners to be consoled by family and friends. During shiva, one's family and friends provide meals and desserts/snacks to the shiva house.

About Our Shiva Platters & Trays

Be there for your loved ones during their time of need by sending them a shiva platter from Illinois Nut & Candy. Our Shiva platters and trays will bring a feeling of warmth and comfort during difficult times. We offer a large assortment of kosher chocolate, candy, dried fruit, freshly roasted nuts, and popcorn which are packaged into lovely shiva platters. Our shiva platters and trays are available in both parve and dairy. Design a custom shiva platter by giving us a call or choosing from the options below. Order a shiva platter today!