Gold Standard: Kosher Candy and Certification

High standards are an important part of being the largest kosher candy company in the Midwest. Before we can even call our products “kosher,” we must check and double-check every detail – from ingredient lists to manufacturing equipment – then pass through a final round of scrutiny from a rabbi. Gaining our kosher letter takes a lot of attention and integrity.

Unlike butchers and meat-processing plants, our candy store is not blessed by a rabbi during a religious ceremony. The ingredients are not blessed in the same way either like an animal would be before slaughter. Instead, obtaining our kosher letter is a yearly process similar to obtaining ISO clearance or any other safety certification. First, we collect ingredient lists and kosher letters from all of our manufacturers and keep them on file. Since they are already kosher, some retailers would simply stop there; letting the responsibility lie with the manufacturers. At Illinois Nut and Candy, we take it to the next level. A rabbi from Chicago Rabbinical Council then verifies their kosher letters to make sure that every kosher product we sell to the public is in line with their standards. This way, we can be absolutely confident that we deliver what we promise to our customers.

When we set out in 2004 to become the largest kosher and niche candy company in the Chicago area, let alone in the Midwest, we knew we were on to something. Now, five years later, knowing that our candies and ice cream set the gold standard is very sweet indeed.

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