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Thank you for your excellent service last week.

Thank you for your excellent service last week.

Earle G.

David and crew at Illinois Nut and Candy,

My mom and I just wanted to say thanks for your help today.  We took the candy/nut tray over to the Presbyterian Home right after we left the store.  They LOVED it (in fact it was practically gone by the time we left!).  We were sorry we didn''t have some of your business cards with us.  I''m sure people wonder how to thank these folks and this really was the perfect combo of treats. 

Thanks so much for your help.  We''ll be back for sure!!!

All the best...  -Julianne

My wife wanted me to find out where you got the misloach manot.  Our daughter is allergic to dairy and she never saw candied apples that weren?t dairy and wanted to get them for her.  In addition to being parve, they were also amazing. 

Let me know,

Thanks again


I bought a sack of candy that you

I bought a sack of candy that you recommended for the family hosting me for Shabbos. A month later their kids are still raving about and eating said candy. Thanks for making me the most popular guest in the neighborhood!


: Once again the quality and service you provide is outstanding!

With our Granddaughter having Classic Galactosemia, it''s great to know we can get quality candies which are safe for her and that she loves.

Thank you so very much,
Scott & Diana

A Compliment

Hi David.


We recently bought 8 candy trays last week and I was the recipient of one of them.  I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the tray.  I love candy and the candy was enjoyable.  But what really made the tray special was the apple wrap and the beautiful shana tova ribbon.  Very nicely done!


Once again ...

Once again, I want to thank you for your beautiful work. You are a true customer service ?GEEK?., and it is a pleasure to do business with such professionals.

Everything worked ...

Everything worked out great. Thanks so much for all of your help.


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