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LGBT Friendly Personalized Chocolate Hearts

$1.75 Each
Stock: Usually Ships 2-3 Days


Our LGBT friendly chocolate hearts are available in any combination of Milk, Dark or White chocolate and are individually hand made at Illinois Nut & Candy

You can put two names, a party date or short phrase in any color to match your party's theme. 

Illinois Nut & Candy are proud to be inclusive of the LGBT community and will gladly personalize each chocolate heart to display either two men names or two women names.

Please allow a few days to make these custom pieces.

Please Note: This is a fragile item and does not ship well during summer months.  In-store pickup is strongly recommended.

There are no gluten ingredients in this product but the product was manufactured in a NON-GLUTEN FREE facility

This Product is

  • Casein Free
  • Kosher
  • Lactose Free / Pareve